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I need for whatevere. Sorry but all I have is a disc 1 to try and get my hands on it. Scorpio 35 I have several game disks from EA, they were sent to me by a friend that received them free from EA. I'm just not sure which disk that is that has the key, sorry. But please post a little more information about the game, maybe a screenshot from the store? As I don't want to see you get disappointed when this is all I have.-segregation segregation. As noted earlier, the word segregation is derived from the Latin segregare and can be understood as “to separate”. In the 1950s, nearly all of the Southern states with a history of racial discrimination such as Alabama and Mississippi passed laws to keep separate the races in public schools. Under pressure from whites, the Supreme Court ruled in the 1954 case of Brown v. Board of Education that this kind of segregation was unconstitutional. However, the ruling did not provide a meaningful remedy for the conditions in the South. The Eisenhower administration had to act to undo segregation, but it was not until the federal government of Lyndon Johnson passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that real progress was made. The red-lining of maps US Federal Housing Administration and Veterans Administration (FHA and VA) and other HUD programs made various types of loans. Maps of these areas were typically drawn in black or very dark blue, with white only marking areas they would not loan money for. On the border of blacked-out areas, white lines marked the borders of what is now dubbed “white flight.” Shanty towns This once great country of America is now a shanty town. We have a president who is a racist. Black churches are not attended by many people. People don’t want to live in ghettoes. The United States is so pathetic that we still are trying to manipulate the country with political issues rather than focus on repairing the disastrous damage that has been done to our infrastructure. People no longer even want to speak of socialism or communism in this country. Yes! We have a criminal, mentally ill president! We have a psychotic police state where people are no longer secure and free. We have streets that are not safe, people who are not safe, and we have a horrible racism that is not only allowed but encouraged. We have the lowest life expectancy in the world. Many people are



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