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Haunted 3D 3 In Hindi Download




The plot focuses on the story of three friends who find themselves under a curse. Plot The film opens with friends Mansha, Ria and Shailesh enjoying a day out in a mall. Suddenly, Mansha falls ill and dies. An exorcist, Malleshwar, appears and reveals to the friends that they are all cursed by a man named Bagla Baba who was killed by Mansha, as the latter was unable to save his mother from a demon. The friends are invited to the home of Bagla Baba's estranged father, Ramesh Bagla, who lives on the pretext of being a master exorcist. In the past, Ramesh and his father had fought over a woman named Devki. Ramesh and his father were put on the run, and when Ramesh returned to take revenge on his father, he was found by the father and his friend. Ramesh killed the father, and the police killed Ramesh. Devki was killed in the process. The three friends soon find themselves attracted to each other. The friends embark on a journey to revive Bagla Baba's mother, who Ramesh reveals is actually one of his daughters. They locate Bagla Baba's mother in a nearby village, whereupon Bagla Baba's spirit possesses the mother, transforming her into a demon. The friends are pursued by Bagla Baba's mother and the police, and they then discover that Bagla Baba is a real master exorcist, who is also known as the Black Moon. In the present day, Ria breaks up with Shailesh, and in order to make him jealous, she and Mansha try to leave the village. Ria and Mansha fail, but Ria manages to escape, whereupon the police arrive to question Ria. Ria reveals that she had fallen ill in the mall, and was saved by Malleshwar, who then told her that she and her friends were being cursed. Malleshwar revealed that Bagla Baba was Ramesh's son, and he also revealed that Bagla Baba and his mother are immortal. Bagla Baba is now in possession of Ramesh's skeleton, and his mother's spirit is trapped in the skull. The friends proceed to Bagla Baba's mother's house, where they find the skeletal remains of Ramesh. They then fight with Bagla Baba's mother, and the three friends manage to kill




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Haunted 3D 3 In Hindi Download

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